Posted on 08-Jul-2018

Our Lady of Remedies Church (Chapel 1)

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

07-Jul-2018 – 14-Jul-2018
First Reading
Zechariah 9:9-10

Responsorial Psalm
Psalm 145:1-2,8-11,13-14

Second Reading
Romans 8:9,11-13

Gospel Reading
Matthew 11:25-30

Today’s Gospel comes after a discourse in which Jesus reproaches people who have witnessed his mighty deeds yet still lack belief. In this context, today’s Gospel explains the reason for this unbelief and reveals what is necessary for faith. Today’s Gospel also continues to enhance our understanding of discipleship.

Jesus first prays in thanksgiving to God who has made himself known to Jesus’ disciples. He praises God who has made himself known to the “little ones” and not to the wise and learned. As in other recent readings from Matthew’s Gospel, a contrast is made here between the unbelieving Pharisees, who are wise and learned, and the faithful disciples, tax collectors, and sinners with whom Jesus keeps company.

The second part of this reading calls to our attention the unity between the Father and the Son. God has made himself known through Jesus, and in knowing Jesus, we come to know the Father. In Jesus’ life and in his person, God reveals himself to us.

In the concluding sentences, Jesus’ teaching is again contrasted to the teaching of the Pharisees. Here that tension is expressed as alternative paths of holiness. The careful observance of the Mosaic law taught by the Pharisees could be experienced by some as difficult and burdensome. In contrast, Jesus’ way of holiness is presented as uncomplicated and even restful.
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