Posted on 30-Jun-2018

Our Lady of Remedies Church (Chapel 1)

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

01-Jul-2018 – 08-Jul-2018
First Reading
2 Kings 4:8-11,14-16a
Hospitality extended to Elisha will be rewarded.

Responsorial Psalm
Psalm 89:2-3,16-19
Sing God’s praises forever.

Second Reading
Romans 6:3-4,8-11
Through Christ we are dead to sin but alive in God.

Gospel Reading
Matthew 10:37-42
Jesus outlines the costs and rewards of discipleship.

Background on the Gospel Reading

Today’s Gospel is the conclusion of the instructions and consolations that we have heard Jesus offering to his disciples during the past few weeks. In this passage, Jesus summarizes both the costs of discipleship and its rewards. Once again our understanding of the Gospel is strengthened by considering the context in which it was written and the perspective of Matthew’s audience.

The conditions of discipleship outlined in Matthew’s Gospel may appear harsh. Yet they underline for us a truth—choosing anything with one’s whole heart has consequences. Choosing life with Christ means that every relationship we have must be understood from a new perspective. For many in Matthew’s community, this choice brought division to their family.

Matthew also outlines the reward of hospitality offered to Jesus’ followers. In today’s Gospel, Jesus explains the difficulties of discipleship, yet reveals that those who welcome the disciples have also welcomed him.

Today’s Gospel also highlights for us the importance of hospitality in the Christian life. To welcome another in Jesus’ name is to extend hospitality to Jesus himself.
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